berthold’s geheimnis

sieht so aus als ob der liebe berthold wieder einmal ein paar leute gratis in sein unglaubliches geheimnis einweihen will: 107 aufrufe meines blog-eintrags allein heute!

update: 120 aufrufe am 02.05., 62 weitere am 03.05. ich beginne zu zweifeln, dass nur 7 menschen diesen brief erhalten haben. ;)

looks like good old berthold wants to tell his super-duper-secret to a few individuals again: 107 views of my blog post, and that’s just today!

update: 120 views on may 2, and 62 more on may 3. i’m starting to doubt that only 7 chosen ones in austria received that letter (that’s what the letter said).

berthold von graatz sent me a letter earlier this year, telling me i can win the lottery as often as i like, become unbelievably rich, happy, healthy, live in the house i’ve always wanted AND find the love of my life, if i just respond to his letter and get some “free” information.
the next step, according to other bloggers on the internet, is another letter and a compulsory 49 euro “contribution towards expenses”.

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