book scorpion

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meet alfred the book scorpion (also: house scorpion):

book scorpion (chelifer cancroides)
book scorpion (chelifer cancroides)

i noticed this little guy crawl up from behind a shelf in my room.
pseudoscorpions (they resemble scorpions, but lack the long abdomen and stinger of “real” scorpions) usually hunt for small insects like psocoptera (booklice, barklice), so i think he’ll be allowed to stay in my room.

i named him alfred, after batman’s butler.

over at, there’s an article about book scorpions and the challenge of identification by tim eisele.

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4 comments on “book scorpion

  1. Hahahah. Just reading the URL "" made my skin crawl. :) Also: how do you he's a "he"? Maybe it should be called ... Frieda? :)
  2. sorry ... i meant: how do you *know he's a "he"
  3. hehe, you're right. gender identification is probably not as hard as exact species ID, so i think i'll try to get to a microscope next time i come across him/her. :)
  4. [...] caroline’s comment on the naming of alfred, i decided to call this one junior. reading up on zebra spiders, i found [...]

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