a demonstration of hugin

during a sight-seeing-tour through austria last year, i took some extra pictures of various sights for panorama-stitching. there’s a powerful panorama photo stitcher called hugin, that makes things very easy – and it’s open-source!

here’s an exapmle of what hugin can do:

i took a set of 11 pictures (not using a tripod!) to get a complete view of the collegiate church at stift melk (melk abbey), austria.

11 photos of the collegiate church at melk abbey

importing them into hugin, all i had to do was specify an estimation of the horizontal field of view (it’s automatically recognized from newer cameras), and hugin started computing away.

the last thing to do was checking the keypoints and remove bad ones (if there are any).

hugin automatically calculates control points, this is the control point check interface

the only post-processing necessary for the resulting panorama was to crop the image, and (in this case) colour the very bottom of the image so that the otherwise black background wouldn’t stand out.

panorama of the collegiate church at melk abbey, created with hugin

[view photos: hugin in action]

2 thoughts on “a demonstration of hugin

  1. Wowwowwow Markus!! Turning already pretty photos into super pretty panoramas!!! NICE!!

    A few months ago I had the occasion to research this sort of stuff (so I could create http://www.visualpique.com as a gift), and read about hugin in my research. Have you seen the stuff over at ivrpa.org? The stuff in their “Interactive VR” section (http://ivrpa.org/gallery/vr) blows me away. Perhaps you should start submitting stuff!! :)

  2. i did not know ivrpa.org, but i’Ve heard of similar websites before.
    it’s cool what you can do with just a few images and the right kind of postprocessing!

    think i’ll look into the making of interactive 360° panoramas!

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