vienna, austria (byers visit, pt. 1)

as mentioned before, cindy and larry byers visited austria in late september.

we met at a hotel just outside of vienna, austria.
cindy’s gps navigation device turned out not to work in austria (contrary to what customer support had told her), and due to the combination of inner city traffic, roadsigns in a foreign language etc. they got lost. i’m pretty sure i would instantly get lost in that city without gps.
i ended up guiding them to our meeting point using my laptop, a wireless internet card and google maps.
what did people do before there was the internet, or google?

update: larry reminded me to mention the final instruction i gave them before they arrived at the hotel: still on the phone, i went out on the street, and just before they came around the corner, i mentioned “…and look out for that crazy person that’s standing in the middle of the street”. they drove very carefully. ;-)

here’s part 1 of the more detailled photographic documentation, covering bits of the sightseeing in vienna.

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