the byers visit

palatschinkenhaus (pancake house), vienna

here’s a glimpse of what the second half of september was like:
cindy and larry byers came to visit austria, and we went to vienna, salzburg, fuschl, hallstatt, zugspitze, south tyrol, …and included some “goode olde innsbruck tyme” as well.
for some reason, the only time i actually find myself looking at austrian sights is when somebody travels 9.000 km to be here…

this set of photos in no way does justice to their visit, but it’s the start of my catching up on photo-blogging.

[view photos: the byers visit – 17 photos, 14 days]

One thought on “the byers visit

  1. Amazing. I typed my name into, to see what would come up and there you/I were/was. This was especially suprising since my wife’s name is Cindy too. Extremely amazing because she wants to take a trip to Europe. Only difference I can see is you both have about 10-15 years youth on us, and defineltly 150# less. We live in the Chicagoland area. Thanks for sharing the trip, I can now tell Cindy we’ve already been there!
    The older Larry & Cindy Byers

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