auditorium solutions

auditorium solutions

it’s february, which means i have a few days off.
enough time to play auditorium.

here’s a bunch of screenshots that show one possible solution to each level1.
right now, i’m stuck at act 15 finale, level 3.
will add the last two solutions when i figure them out.

[view photos: auditorium solutions]


  1. including acts 1 hajimemashite, 2 amethyst, 3 solace, 4 atlantic, 5 vitesse, 6 liminal, 7 sunset, 8 transmission, 9 sojourn, 10 crystal, 11 daydream, 12 rain, 13 shadow, 14 verdant and 15 finale. []

6 thoughts on “auditorium solutions

  1. Hello.
    Somehow I’ve finished Auditorium without a walkthrough, though the last ones were pretty hard… And I’ve found some… Strange occasions in yours.
    I’m speaking about act 11 – Daydream.
    In stage 5, there’s a lot more elegant and stable solution: direct the stream with right arrow to lower teleporter, so that it flows back from above. Redirect it left with a darker arrow into suitable container and pull up the rest with a pink arrow. Rabbit where needed, in my occasion it fits well near lower teleporter, where cross is formed.
    Stage 4 is also a lot of fun, I sent to hell 50% of tools I’ve been given :-D Place up arrow a bit above the emitter and let the whirlpool handle the rest (touch the pink zone).
    Er… I can’t publish screenshots here, right?..

  2. i’d love to see your solutions. if you email them to me, i can publish them in this gallery.
    you’ll find my email address in “about” – “me”.

  3. Hello.
    I’ve sent those solutions and still no answer or what not… Did you recieve my email?

  4. hey, D-Side, think you could show me YOUR solution for the final stage?

  5. d-side: thank you for your screenshots, i’ll upload them now.
    of course, if you (or anybody else) have more solutions, i’d be glad to add them to the gallery!

  6. It’s nice that there’s more than one way for some levels. I’ve found a bit different solutions for 9-1 and 9-2, but as i’m bagpacking, ‘ll send you a screenshot when i’m back home.

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