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auditorium solutions

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auditorium solutions

it’s february, which means i have a few days off.
enough time to play auditorium.

here’s a bunch of screenshots that show one possible solution to each level1.
right now, i’m stuck at act 15 finale, level 3.
will add the last two solutions when i figure them out.

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  1. including acts 1 hajimemashite, 2 amethyst, 3 solace, 4 atlantic, 5 vitesse, 6 liminal, 7 sunset, 8 transmission, 9 sojourn, 10 crystal, 11 daydream, 12 rain, 13 shadow, 14 verdant and 15 finale. []
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auditorium: a completely different puzzle game

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i’ve mentioned this game before: auditorium is an online puzzle game which features rays of light (“the flow”), music and basic principles of physics.
the full version was released yesterday (it’s cheap!), and the first word that comes to my mind is “addicting”.

here are some screenshots:

auditorium: solace 3:4


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