goobacks (south park movie references, part 3)

some more southpark movie references that i recently came across:

in southpark season 8 ep 7 “goobacks”, the terms used to classify a time portal are in reference to three very popular movies. here’s what the news reporter has to say:

“alan, i’m standing at the time portal, which scientists say follows “terminator rules”. that is, it’s one way only and you can’t go back.
this is in contrast to, say, “back to the future rules”, where back and forth is possible, and of course “time writer rules”, which are just plain silly.”

the scene ist at approx. 02:45.


season 11, episode “imaginationland part II”, amongst others, features a nice reference to the original stargate movie:

general: are you ready?
troops: yes, sir.
general: are you ready, kurt russel?
kurt russel: i don’t understand why i’m here. i’m just an actor.
general: yes, but you were in that one movie that was kinda like this. that gives you more experience than anybody.

they also copied the stargate room with the ring and the wormhole’s water surface. in case you don’t remember, here’s the movie trailer:

alltogether, the list of alluded movies for the imaginationland trilogy seems endless:
alien, batman, chronicles of narnia, dracula, excalibur, frankenstein, gladiator, indiana jones, legend of sleepy hollow (the headless horseman), lord of the rings, nightmare on elm street, predator, spiderman, star wars (stormtroopers, luke skywalker, darth maul), terminator, texas chainsaw massacre, the hobbit, the matrix, the wizard of oz, war of the worlds, …
some of them are mentioned here.

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