a trip to strasbourg

given the incredibly low long-distance-train prices1, i didn’t even stand a chance of NOT going somewhere by train in february.
in the end, mathias and i decided to go to france, not least in order to try and polish up our rusty language skills.

strasbourg is a nice little city near the german border, which has repeatedly changed hands between germany and france in history.
it doesn’t have an overkill of sights like the big cities, so we were able to enjoy some very relaxing days (as opposed to ireland, where i was the only driver – and i was a little stressed out in the end) visited some museums, walked around in the city looking for patisseries (pastry shops).

again: just a quick glimpse, more photos to be uploaded at some time.

[view photos: a trip to strasbourg]

  1. for example: innsbruck to salzburg (185 km): 12,60 €. salzburg to strasbourg (520 km): 29,00 € []

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