RTW05 #6.2 san francisco, usa

san francisco cable car

when i got to san francisco, bad planning (on my side) prevented me from meeting my personal hero eric cheng. and he wasn’t the only person i ended up not meeting while i was in the area…
singer/songwriter vienna teng (who i had hoped see play/sing somewhere) was out of town recording her third album, and i missed out on meeting adam tow, because i couldn’t check my emails in time. even getting a coffee with gfl heather moore didn’t work out.

on the positive side, san francisco is a very sympathetic city which i very much enjoyed exploring on my own…

giant anchovy tank, monterey bay aquarium

of course, monterey bay aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world, was another “must see” for me. it was definitely worth the drive down there. especially the jellyfish section was incredible!

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