RTW05 #6.1 los angeles, usa

when i landed in los angeles, cindy and larry were already waiting at the airport – they had come all the way down from the seattle area to show me around!

disneyland california

the first day – of course – we spent at disneyland (and disney’s california adventure), and i have to say i was surprised that there wasn’t a rollercoaster that cindy&larry didn’t want to go on. :-)
we went there on a friday morning during schooldays, so the park was virtually empty until the early afternoon. on our first rides we were told to just stay seated if we wanted to go another time…
during their visit to austria just a few months earlier, we had visited the matterhorn and neuschwanstein castle (not online yet). it had taken us up to 8 hours of driving to get there… in disneyland, these sights were a tad closer. ;-)

also got a chance to meet some more members (of those that live in cali) of the byers family, which was very nice.

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