forensic palynology rocks!

dr. dallas mildenhall gives a speech on forensic palynology

i think there aren’t many occasions in which botanists are recognized as the ones with exciting stories to tell.

dr. dallas mildenhall, a botanist from new zealand, recently held a speech about his job, and he is definitely one of those.
he’s one of just a handful of forensic palynology experts around the globe, who are analyzing pollen and spores to help solve criminal cases in court.
after talking about his job in general, dr. mildenhall presented some cases which he had collaborated in/worked at: age determination of antique furniture, tracing drug-dealing routes, investigating import fraud, up to murder.
he had some very interesting things to talk about!

if you like the tv-show CSI and get the chance, i recommend going to one of his lectures.

[view photos: forensic palynology speech]

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