a short trip to vienna

i enjoyed some more vienna-time on january 16th, when i got a chance to meet laurie blum, an artist/paintress from south carolina, during her layover in austria’s capital.
i always think it’s odd to meet somebody in person for the very first time, and yet feel like i’ve found a long-lost friend…

finally executed my plan to visit the museum of art history (kunsthistorisches museum, khm). i had wanted to go there because i don’t know much about art.
even while i was looking at art, i couldn’t stop “thinking biologically” – i kept finding references to rare animals like the narwhal (keyword: unicorn) in joachim von sandrart’s painting “large fish market”, or the extinct dodo in roelant savery’s “landscape with birds”.
i think my new domain name is fitting me well.

one of these days i’m going to try and stay in vienna for more than 12 consecutive hours…

[view photos: a short trip to vienna]

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