RTW05 #3.6: port macquarie, australia

port macquarie was another one of the places that travelers from my generation considered …boring. :grin:

lonely tree, at oxley beach

church of st. agnes

i was told that it was founded in 1821 and is sometimes jokingly referred to as “australia’s first holiday resort” – pointing to its initial purpose as a penal settlement for lifers.

p.m. has several beautiful bays along the coast, all linked by a walking trail.
there’s also the koala hospital (which has an unbelievably long waiting list for volunteers!), billabong koala park, and two nature reserves close by.
not to forget the nice churches, including st. thomas anglican church – built in 1824 by convicts – which houses the only walker pipe organ on the southern hemisphere…

i got chinese take-away one evening, and was given a ticket with the number 666. the waitress said “oh, you got a lucky number”. i responded “depends on what religion i’m in.” she looked at it again, and just said “oh, yeah…”

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One thought on “RTW05 #3.6: port macquarie, australia

  1. hahah, i loved your drunk little koala!

    and i KNEW i was breaking one of the 10 commandments … dammit … lusting after my neighbor’s ass … that’s the ticket to hell, right there!

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