RTW05 #3.5: brisbane stopover, australia

on my way down to port macquarie, i had a 5-hour-stopover in brisbane.
a welcome break, since it’s a 15-hour-busride from hervey bay to port M.
i spent this time in some parks, walking around in the city, getting travel infos on new zealand etc.

the greyhound bus to brisbane

on the bus, they showed some videos, which made me make a list of the worst movies of all times:
#1 in the ranking would be a movie whose title i actually had repressed. i had to do some googling to find out its title: connie and carla; but
#2, titled calender girls isn’t really less bad, and it’s even a little worse than
#3: like mike
these are what i call “headache movies” (because they make me want to smack my head against something hard), and i’ve come to believe that the busdriver wanted to torture us…


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