about 1.5 years after i took these two photos, i met an expert who, when talking to, reminded me of the never-answered question for the wasp’s scientific name. he immediately recognized the species:

digger wasp (sceliphron curvatum) collecting clay   hard working digger wasp (sceliphron curvatum)
sceliphron curvatum, a digger wasp (indische mörtelgrabwespe in german)

timo (the expert) also told me this:

    this is a digger-wasp that hunts spiders. it builds artistic brood cells with clay, often behind cabinets or bookshelves.
    in austria, the species was first discovered in styria 15-20 years ago, now it appears all over central europe.
    originally, sceliphron curvatum came from northern india – it was probably imported unintentionally with a load of carpets.

digger wasps [de] usually paralyze their prey and lock them into the brood cell with an egg. the larva will (again) feed on the alive but helpless insect.

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