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[posted: Tuesday, 2005-10-04] [category: computers & technology, photo, science]

after contemplating for a long time, anton and i decided to go see what it’s all about.
last saturday, several of innsbruck’s universities and scientific centers put on a collective open day night, called lange nacht der forschung.

while the whole event was clearly targeted at laypersons, i still thought it was nice. two shuttle bus routes through innsbruck were frequented every 15 minutes or so, there was free food & drinks near many stations, and the presentations were quite interesting (although we already knew much of what was said there).
i especially liked the topic of nano technology, with interesting showcase items like ferrofluids (wikipedia: [de], [en]).

thermographic image

we could also take a glance at a quantum computer, watch some 3D-visualizations (using polarizing glasses and all that) in an astronomy presentation, and had our fun with a thermographic camera.
unfortunately, there was not enough time to attend the guided tour through a production facility for hearing-aid implants.

[view photos: lange nacht der forschung]


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