international LIFE-symposium

LIFE symposium

last week, i was at the LIFE symposium, a congress about riverine landscapes.
it took place in breitenwang [G] – near reutte – in the lechtal valley, and i was asked to do the photography/photo-documentation part.

the LIFE nature programme is a series of nature conservation/restoration projects all over europe, and many of the river-related projects were introduced at this symposium. very interesting!

the official schedule/program can be found in those pdf’s: [de] [en]

some infos on the evening program:

    on the first evening, the local two-man-band bluatschink played/sang some songs for us. i hadn’t heard bluatschink in years, and was reminded again of their very discerning lyrics (regarding the river lech and former plans to build a water power plant).
    afterwards, there was a rich buffet with austrian meals like spanferkel and tiroler gröstl.

    tuesday evening, we went to an exhibition on wood, called “holz der geier!”. a nice pun, that of course none of the non-german-speaking participants realized. it’s similar to “screw them!” for an exhibition on screws and nails.

    on wednesday, we made a moonlight hike to the stablalm pasture. but moonlight was the one thing we missed ;-)
    the host was extremely friendly – as far as i know, he greeted all of the (at least) 60 guests personally!

and on thursday, there were two all-day-excursions to the river lech.

i made contact with A LOT of people there, nationally and internationally, but also met some friends&acquaintances.

on the technological side, it was interesting to see the whole spectrum of types of presentations, with only one common factor: microsoft powerpoint.

[view photos: LIFE symposium breitenwang]
[view photos: LIFE lech river excursion]

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