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there’s some new pictures online:

s #220: tropics exhibit
phalaeonpsis hybrid (phalaenopsis sp.)on march 13th, sigrun and i went to see a little tropics exhibit, which was really nice.
i’ve captured some of the things there.

something i’ll keep in mind next time i take pictures of exotic animals: NOTE THE NAME!
it’s taken me some considerable time to find out that #1 was a “coast horned lizard (phrynosoma coronatum)” (although i’m not 100% sure), and the second creature was a “mojave black-collared lizard (crotaphytus bicinctores)”…

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s #221: spring summoners
coltsfoot flower (tussilago farfara) closeupi’ve also added a few random “springy images” that i took lately…
something else i noticed: a hazelnut-shrub (corylus avellana) with both pistillate (=female) and staminate (=male) flowers. interesting, in a nerdy way!
oh, and hey: check out the cool background-noise that was everywhere:
[listen to sample]

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s #222: pasqueflowers
pasqueflower (pulsatilla vulgaris)when i went on a dogwalk with maria-magdalena, march 27th, we came to a hill that still has pasqueflowers growing. they’re very endangered and plucking is stricktly forbidden, with penalties of several hundred euros, if i remember correctly.
they’re just beautiful, and all the time there were some people around, watching and taking pictures…

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