trip to south tyrol / italy

in another burst of short-term-ness, nadja, günter, fabio, lorenz, andi and i decided to spend easter monday in the car.
well, not just in the car – in the car, on our way through south-tyrol.
(unfortunately, andi didn’t feel too good, so he couldn’t go)

imagine a complete day of latent ambiguity and continuous equivocalness. :grin:

the route was set like this: innsbruck – brixen – salurn – bozen – meran – naturns (chapel of st. prokulus) – reschen – innsbruck.

because somebody (err… ok, it was me) overslept, we had to skip salurn. but we wouldn’t have had time for it anyway, since we lost 30 minutes due to my lack of sleep, skipped salurn (=saved at least an hour) and still arrived 1.5 hours late in innsbruck.

in brixen we had a nice, sunshiny breakfast at the cathedral square. and although we were just about an hour away from home, we had a considerable amount of fun with …dialect differences.

    english: kaisers/rolls >> german/innsbruck-tyrolean: semmel >> south tyrolean: semmarlan

afterwards we drove down to bozen and strolled around for some time, taking fun touristy pictures and had lunch in one of the very few restaurants that were open…

meran was a little crowded, but nice. taking pictures of “arches” would be one of the nonsensical highlights. LOL
we1 (all of us) also found meran’s nice little protestant church where we2 (nadja, fabio, markus) decided to sing some songs.

unfortunately we had to skip naturns, and its tiny and very old st. prokulus chapel (german link), but we were short of time…

we did make a quick stop at the village schluderns, where we had some extra fun.
we obscured some letters on their place name sign and created “luder” (german for hussy), jokingly pointing at nadja.
the best part about it was that suddenly there was a huge column of cars driving past us and watching us take that picture…

our final stop, reschen, is interesting as well: about 50 years ago a whole village was perished (after the inhabitants were relocated some 100 meters uphill) when a new storage lake was created. today, the original church’s spire is still sticking out of the huge lake.

nearly 12 hours later we arrived back in innsbruck.

for pictures, check back in a week or two. i’m waiting until we have them exchanged, so i can post the best ones.

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