photo statistics, older photos

the “serial number” naming-system of my camera was reset last night.
that means i’ve now taken over 10 000 pictures in 1.5 years.

the new time-lapse function sure takes a lot of pictures, but on the other hand, after the first month (when i was still in the US) i reset the counter – that would probably call it even.

having said that, i noted that there are still some photo-sessions that haven’t been uploaded yet.
i’m working on it – starting now:

[view photos: martin’s birthday party]
[view photos: tiger]
[view photos: supermacro, lemon mold]

2 thoughts on “photo statistics, older photos

  1. Your Tiger (is that the cat’s name?) is so cute! And the mold: as gross as that was, I found myself salivating. Hahahaha

  2. hey!
    tiger (the cat’s name) is actually the kitten of my brother and his girlfriend. he’s …wild. in a weird way – besides from stealing the neighbour-cat’s (tagged) toys, he’s already contracted a friendship with the local marten :grin:

    thanks for keeping on coming back!

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