vienna teng – abound

i know i write about vienna teng a lot, but here’s another post about her…

i recently stumbled across a recording of the most romantic song i’ve ever heard. i’m not a very romantically minded person – as far as i can tell – but that song nearly gives me goose bumps and a slight shiver! i’m pretty addicted to that song, listening to it whenever i can, in a 1-song-loop.

[lyrics quote of the moment]
you had asked if i love you
and i never could say
and you want me to answer
in any old way

i’m trying to tell you
simple words could not show
and will never be spoken
still i want you to know

so i ask you to meet me tonight
by the gardens we walk, in the twilight
the roses abound by your side
i will hold you and let you decide
vienna teng – abound (link)

as far as i can remember, a singer/songwriter named alexander sahar wrote the song for vienna, but later she rewrote some of it.

i don’t know how long it will be up there, but you can get the recording here. the link you’re looking for is named “vt2004-12-xxt12.shn”.
the file format is .shn – you’ll need to get the winamp plugin or convert the file to play it.

thank you, michele, for recording and sharing!

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