the german word “rorate” is maybe best described by “early-in-the-morning-christmas-time-mass “.
some friends and i decided to sing at one of those, which turned out to be the last one – just 2 hours ago.
luckily i got (almost) well again in time!

the church wasn’t lit at all, the only source of light were some candles, and every participant got one, too. up in the gallery we had some candles and a weak bulb for the organ. i didn’t want to use flash for the photos, so i stuck with my sony’s nightshot-mode for most of them. i didn’t take many pictures, anyway.

musically, i think it went really well. it wasn’t perfect, but a good result regarding the amount of rehearsals we could arrange and the time of performance: 6 am.
i LOVE to sing what is called “alpine christmas-songs” – traditional and almost unknown local christmas songs from some of tyrol’s valleys.
finally a chance to sing in a 6-voice male ensemble.

here’s one of the alpine christmas-songs for you:

[listen to sample]
ach mein seel’, fang an zu singen – zip [mp3], 1,1MB


[view photos]


merry christmas, everybody!

2 thoughts on “rorate

  1. tolles stück, aber den bass würd i rausschmeißen *gg*

    great song, but i would fire the bass-singer :lol:

  2. ein sehr schöner song, schad das “maria durch ein dornwald ging nicht” oben is.

    very beautiful song, it’s a pity “maria, through a wood of roses walked” is not downloadable.:cry:

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