parents + technology = fun

our family is kinda …weird!
just a minute ago, my parents realized (after i slightly pointed it out) that they had been watching tv with the audio channel for blind people. for half a year.
they just didn’t think about having more than one audio channel in digital tv.
my dad said that he had noted more and more movies had commentator-voices saying everything non-verbal that happened. “it’s for all the blind people!”

i couldn’t stop laughing! :mrgreen:
so eventually, i switched it back to normal audio…

another of today’s anectodes:
my grandma came over today. when my dad said he had heard that carrots have very positive effects on one’s eyesight, she said “well sure, or have you ever seen a monkey with glasses?”
i’ve known that joke since i can remember, and it is still funny in certain situations. it’s just that MONKEYs like BANANAs very much, not carrots. :grin:
(well, at least in the jokes and tv-shows they do)

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