looking for grimms

since my grandmother is on holidays in turkey this week, she lent me her car. *happy*
today i thought i should use it to full capacity, but i didn’t know where to go.
so i thought “what the heck, let’s go to grimms”. now, since i just made the name up that moment, grimms isn’t anywhere near a real (german) word…
but map24.com said that there’s a village called “krimml”, and that’s a nice compromise. :smile: especially since there’s a cascade in krimml, and a storage lake nearby, and the road leads up to 1600m and down again – so lots of different sceneries.

my little brother decided he was going with me, so we set out to krimml at 11:30. tom’s gps route planner did an amazing job! it’s so nice if somebody tells you what to do all the time…

we had a lot of fun while driving there, took some pictures, and went back again (with lots of short stops for photos). total driving time: 3 hours. total trip time: about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

the only thing that’s annoying when you’re driving is that you can’t use your camera. there was a lot of stuff i would have liked to take pictures of, but i had to concentrate on the road and there was no place to stop… well, anton took some for me!

anyway: thank you granny! (although you’re most likely not going to read this)

here’s some pix:
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