i’ve just released the latest photo-update.
i haven’t really had any good, creative photosessions lately – mostly because of a lack of time and energy.
most of the new photos were done for some sort of request.

[view photos]

i’ve also uploaded two live-recordings of that funeral on september 15th. i was singing there with “collegium vocale” – a great nearby choir that i wish i could take part in…
*thinking about time and energy again…*
i must state that i made those recordings with my mp3-player, which did a great job considering that it was actually designed for playing mp3s… anyway, i have activated a setting that allows the microphone to adjust itself to the surrounding volume, so it might take away some effects like dynamics and stuff. but it’s great if you have no idea how loud it’s gonna get…

[listen to samples]
bach – wenn ich einmal soll scheiden – zip [mp3], 726KB
schubert – herr, du hast mein flehn vernommen – zip [mp3], 1,12MB

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