technical news – german titles

as you may have noticed, the most recent posts have german titles as well.
in the following time i’m going to add a little “switch” that will read the language from your keyboard-setting and apply it to the galleries.

of course it will still be possible to choose a different language (but you’ll have to stick with english and german, for now).

right now i just don’t have the time to do all of it, so as a temporary solution both german and english titles will be displayed.

[lyrics quote of the moment]
i get such a thrill when you look in my eyes,
my heart skips a beat, girl, i feel so alive!
baha men – best years of our lives

2 thoughts on “technical news – german titles

  1. Well, So now I do know a little more about you. I have a question for you. I got an anonymous post weeks back, and I checked the ip. Again from Amsterdam, was that you too? Lol. You are an interesting person. Feel free to email me.

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