trip to hamburg

for the last three days i was visiting hamburg with my brother and my aunt&uncle.
actually, they’re my goti and her husband. but ‘goti’ is a kindof regional word and limited to some parts of tyrol. so it’s hard to find a translation better than ‘female godfather’ (which in this case includes being my aunt)…
but that sounds too much like italy and the mafia :-)

wow, being precise is exhausting!

anyway, we went up there on thursday overnight and arrived in the morning.
sightseeing included the world’s largest model railway, the beautiful church of st. michael, the historical hanseatic speicherstadt, the botanical garden, the plane-arium (i prefer the southpark-version leaving out the ‘t’… ;-)), a harbour tour, and much more.
i can’t believe how much we managed to do&see in the past few days!

it was an amazing trip! we had lots of fun and did cool stuff!
hamburg’s a beautiful city with (mostly) friendly citiziens. i especially liked the way of combining new&old regarding construction. plus, i love brick buildings, and hamburg’s full of them.

photos will be posted within the next 24 hours!
see some 360°x360° pictures in the mean time.

[view photos: trip to hamburg, part 1]
[view photos: trip to hamburg, part 2]
[view photos: trip to hamburg, part 3]

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