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ice fishing at belvedere castle, vienna

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it probably isn’t what it looks like, but it seems that somebody went ice fishing last weekend at the lake of belvedere castle, right in vienna, austria:

belvedere castle with a frozen lake, and what looks like an ice fishing hole ;)

what do you think?

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winter landscape panoramas near innsbruck, austria

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with the extreme snowfall events we’ve had this winter came some very strong changes in scene mood, sometimes from one day to the next.
in this post, you’ll find 8 panoramas taken near innsbruck, austria – from the blizzard-like snowstorm to a picture perfect winter scene.
enjoy! :)

panorama: thaur and the inn valley (winter landscape)


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panorama: winter landscape

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these panoramas were recorded one (recent) icy winter morning. you can see the towns of absam (church on the far right), hall in tirol (approx. image center) and heiligkreuz (church on the far right) in the background of a snowy winter landscape.

panorama: absam, hall and heiligkreuz in winter

the second picture shows how much of a difference it makes when the point of view is modified to exclude the power poles: [more...]

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sledging from birgitzer alm

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sledging is one of the really fun winter activities. i recently went to birgitzer alm with friends, and since it was already getting late in the afternoon, we took “a shortcut” and were rewarded with an extra section of deep snow ski slope, and (once the clouds cleared a bit) nice views.
extra fun!

panorama: birgitzer alm in winter

you know that your sledge is kinda rusty, if it sometimes just stops dead in the snow, and you keep going for one or two meters without it. :)

pictures in the gallery (en/de) or after the break. [more...]

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