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[posted: Saturday, 2012-07-21] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , , ]

bone conduction headphones first crossed my way several years ago, when i did the bridge climb in sydney, australia. somehow, i’ve always been a fan of physical phenomena like reflections and resonance (see my tunebug vibe review, for instance), so i was looking forward to the time when bone conduction headphones would be generally available. it seems this day has come. :)

earlier this year, a company named AfterShokz presented their newest generation of bone conduction headphones which is very compact, lightweight, and promises good audio quality at the same time.

AfterShockz bone conduction headphones - a review after 2 months of use (photo (c) aftershockz)


with this short review, i’d like to share my experiences after (a bit less than) two months of almost daily use. [more…]