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flashback: lake muotkevuonjavri and the midnight sun on seiland, far north norway

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seiland is an island off hammerfest in finnmark, norway’s far northeast county. the island consists mainly of national park and a few, relatively isolated settlements. a few years ago, math and i found two wonderful couchsurfing hosts, mimmi and anton, in eidvågeid in the northern part of the island.
the picture below shows the panoramic views of lake muotkevuonjavri, taken along a hike between the settlements of hønseby and eidvågeidet:

panorama: view of lake muotkevuonjavri and northern seiland, finnmark, norway

after three long years, i still remember the surreal calmness of the place, just a short ferry-ride from the world’s northernmost town (situated at 70 degrees north).

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