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[posted: Monday, 2014-06-16] [category: travel, video] [tags: ]

for the past few months, i’ve been wearing meru zip-off pants when outdoors and/or traveling. the manufacturer promises that the fabric used, called armadillo (65% polyester, 35% cotton), is “virtually mosquito proof” and i’ve been wondering how much this promise really holds in the wild.
on a recent field trip to what can only be described as “mosquito land”, i noticed that many mozzies were actually trying to bite through the pants, but eventually gave up. here’s a short video that shows one of these mosquitos trying to get through the fabric, and failing miserably:

isn’t it fascinating how bendy these probosces are?

is armadillo fabric really mosquito proof? (mosquito head and proboscis outlined in red) is armadillo fabric really mosquito proof? (mosquito head and proboscis outlined in red)
[posted: Thursday, 2013-09-19] [category: living pictures, nature, photo] [tags: , , , , ]

spider wasps (pompilidae) are – in a nutshell – really badass insects.
to provide food for their larvae, these wasps go hunting for spiders that are usually bigger than themselves. spiders are paralysed, placed in a small burrow or tunnel, and used as fresh food for a single egg/larva that is laid into them just before the nest is closed.

a spider wasp (pompilidae) carrying its paralysed spider prey

carrying something around that’s heavier than yourself is obviously quite a bit of work. here’s a short image sequence which shows how the wasp hauls its prey across the ground: [more...]

[posted: Thursday, 2012-05-10] [category: general, living pictures, nature] [tags: , , ]

the only thing that makes forest ants even more active and aggressive, is when the sun has really heated the hole anthill up.
these ants did not shy away from anything – not even a lytro lightfield camera. :)