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[posted: Tuesday, 2011-10-18] [category: nature, photo] [tags: , , ]

this pair of orange skunk clownfish or yellow anemonefish (amphiprion sandaracinos, de: östlicher weißrücken-anemonenfisch) was living in one of the most beautiful and diverse reefscapes i’ve ever seen, near bomba in the togean islands (sulawesi, indonesia).
they seemed a bit too big to hide in their anemone, so it was quite cute when they tried continuously to bury themselves in the tentacles.

orange skunk clownfish (amphiprion sandaracinos), trying to hide in their anemone in the midst of a beautiful, colourful reefscape

the ecology of clownfish and their symbiosis with sea anemones exhibit many interesting features: for instance, anemone fish are protandrous, meaning that all the fish are born male, and later change sex to female. there’s only one female per anemone, and it’s the largest, dominant fish. when it dies, the second largest (male) takes its place, gains weight and becomes the female. [more...]