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how to disassemble a sony dsc-f828 [photos]

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i had to disassemble the lens part of my “goode olde” sony cybershot dsc-f828 due to a (stupidly self-caused) problem with the flash. since i couldn’t find any photo-tutorial online, i thought i’d post my own pictures from the process.
the f828 was introduced in 2003, so of course i do realize that it is a pretty outdated camera to post a how-to for. however, it’s travelled the world with me, and i’m sure there are other f828-users left who might run into hardware problems one day.

step 1: remove 4 screws on the left side of the lens, and the one on the display’s side.

step 1: remove 4 screws on the left side, and the one on the display's side.


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