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[posted: Friday, 2017-04-14] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , ]

Archon D32VR photo/video light (a.k.a. Archon W38VR) underwater photography is expensive! underwater housings for digital cameras – point and shoot as well as SLR or mirrorless cameras – often cost much more than the actual cameras, and other components such as underwater strobes or video lights are similarly expensive (starting at 500 USD for the cheapest brand name lights, and >1000 USD for the ones other divers recommend). however, artificial light makes all the difference under water, where light is increasingly limited the deeper you dive.

i’ve been taking pictures with a Sony RX100 and Meikon RX100 housing, and have also shot some underwater video using GoPro cameras (Hero 3 Black and Hero 5 Black), but until now this was mostly with available light rather than an external light source. because i can’t really justify buying these expensive parts with my relatively infrequent diving trips, i’ve been looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get lights that can be used both for video and still photography.

after several nights of online research, i have decided on an Archon dive light which is both very affordable and popular in online forums (and therefore tested by the masses).
here’s my new setup:


[posted: Friday, 2012-10-26] [category: computers & technology, photo] [tags: , ]

these pictures were taken right after another, using the two cameras i had with me: the samsung galaxy nexus (back camera) and the new sony rx100.
granted, it’s unfair to compare a camera to a smartphone (even though it’s “optimized for low light conditions”) – but it does give you a pretty good idea what the rx100 is capable of.

light sensitivity comparison: samsung galaxy nexus light sensitivity comparison: sony rx100

pictures are completely unaltered (except for downsizing and the watermark).

and now, to celebrate that low-light sensitivity and embrace my new-found tripod laziness, here are three recent, handheld night photos: [more...]