panoramic view

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what a great day!
the sky hasn’t been in that deep blue for a long time now…

that’s why i took the opportunity and did what i’ve been wanting to do for weeks: i went up on our roof and took some panorama shots.

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trip to munich

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some time ago, some friends and i decided to go on short-vacation together.
our original destination was prague, but it was changed to south tyrol, then to hamburg, then to our local kind-of-mall, and eventually we came up with munich.
it’s not that far away, and there’s loads of stuff to visit.
the duration was diminished with every new destination we had, so we ended up having a one-day-trip.

but it was great, we went to imax3D, the botanical garden, and took some time to have a stress-free lunch + a small tour through the city center.

we absolutely have to do that again some time!

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first entry

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this is a copy of the actual first message of this weblog.

so finally, i’ve completed the new website.
i’ve added a few new functions (like this page you’re reading right now), and changed the basic structure and layout of everything else.

i had anticipated blogging for some time before i actually got wordpress – so i saved some of the highlights in my little world and copied the stuff in here.

so there you are, have (decent) fun on my website! and if you like it, sign my guestbook or leave a message in the blog!

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