funny stuff from around the webs

here’s another round of funny/interesting/different links into the world wide web: best powerpoint presentation ever. pretty good discussion, too. xkcd: operation duckling loop human calendar unusual traffic warnings (via echeng) […]

animal references, pt. 3

my hobby: finding animal references where others wouldn’t look for them. gradiENTEngel1 laboratory class, one of the introductory powerpoint slides every now and then, something like this just occurs to […]

color wars

in 2008, ze frank has started a new project, which unfortunately ended before i even noticed it. it’s titled “color wars”. my favourite competitions: young me – now me google […]

nativity play

When my son was 4 in England, (…) he was in the nativity play. (…) You know the bit where the three kings come in. They come in bearing gifts, […]