how to remove notification sounds from viber desktop in windows 10

viber for desktop is a great add-on for viber because it allows faster messaging (typing on a real keyboard) and it can send/receive independently from your phone. however, i find that on a PC, the notification sounds for incoming messages and calls are more than annoying.

how to remove incoming message and call sounds from viber desktop in windows 10

if you want to silence viber desktop in windows 10, here’s how:

open a command prompt (open the start menu and type “cmd”, followed by the enter key) and run the following lines via copy&paste:

    rename AppData\Local\Viber\Sound\Ringtone\ringtone.wav ringtone.bak
    copy AppData\Local\Viber\Sound\silence.wav AppData\Local\Viber\Sound\Ringtone\ringtone.wav
    rename AppData\Local\Viber\Sound\Messages\incoming_bg.wav incoming_bg.bak
    copy AppData\Local\Viber\Sound\silence.wav AppData\Local\Viber\Sound\Messages\incoming_bg.wav

alternatively, navigate to the following directory manually in explorer:
c:\Users\[yourusername]\Appdata\Local\Viber\Sound, copy silence.wav and use that file to replace the originals, Messages\incoming_bg.wav and Ringtone\ringtone.wav.

so far, minor viber updates didn’t revert these audio files, which means the fix lasts at least for a few updates.
please leave a comment whether this little hack did or didn’t work for you.

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