how to find older versions of All in One SEO Pack

how to find older versions of All in One SEO Pack All in One SEO Pack is an awesome wordpress plugin. at least, it used to be: ever since version 2.0.1 was released (several months ago), some users have been plagued with home page issues: for example, the plugin would just ignore whatever was entered into the “Home Title” field on its own plugin options page, and instead use the latest post title to populate the <title> tag. similarly, the META keywords and description were also mixed up.

in the plugin support forums, i found several discussions about this problem, which seems to go away once you downgrade to a version lower than 2.0.1. but where can you find an older version archive of All in One SEO Pack? there were no links to be found on the wordpress plugin page or the developer’s plugin page

there is a place where you can easily download older versions, and it’s the wordpress plugin server after all: while the current version can always be downloaded using the static url, older versions remain on the server with their respective version added to the archive file names:
… and so forth.

as expected, reverting to version 2.0 has removed the problem for me. hopefully, it will soon be fixed by the developer as well.

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