kakapo in international spotlight once more

nearly 20 years after the book “last chance to see” was published, and 24 years after the bbc radio series of the same title first aired, the kakapo get another boost in publicity by the BBC:
the new tv documentary “last chance to see” revisits the species and looks at conservation successes and failures.
in episode 5, stephen fry and mark carwardine visited new zealand and the kakapo, and it seems like all it took for the rare parrot to get international attention once more, was the remark “you are being shagged by a rare parrot“. :)

Sirocco the kakapo an online phenomenon!
The online world is pretty new to DOC staff, but this week we saw how quickly things can blow up – in a remarkable and positive way!

It started a few days ago, when BBC aired the episode of their new series “Last Chance to See” which featured our favourite kakapo, Sirocco. In fact, what REALLY caught people’s interest, was when Sirocco got a bit ‘up close and personal’ with presenter Mark Cawardine. 650 000 Youtube hits later – and New Zealand’s very own kakapo had been catapulted into the international spotlight.

Within a matter of hours after Sirocco’s starring perfomance on “Last Chance to See”, his Facebook page jumped by another 750 friends, and now boasts 2500 online ‘friends’ who are besotted with kakapo and what we do to look after them here in New Zealand.

full article: blog.doc.govt.nz

by the way, sirocco now has his own facebook and twitter account.

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