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[posted: Monday, 2009-06-29] [category: time lapse] [tags: ]

while up on patscherkofel1, two weeks ago, i took the time to make a time-lapse recording of innsbruck, between sunset and darkness.
this time, i used my pentax w60 (night mode), which has an internal timer feature. it took a picture every 15 seconds for 2 hours, which resulted in a speedup of about 200 times in the video.

enjoy! :)

(be sure to watch in HQ)

you can also download the video: time lapse: innsbruck nightfall (avi, xvid codec)

soundtrack: tim minchin – not perfect

things you can see in the video:

  • innsbruck and a few villages in the south (namely sistrans, lans, rans and aldrans)2
  • innsbruck’s shopping district (the brightest area in the center of the image)
  • the northern mountain range (nordkette) and seegrube and hafelekar mountain stations (the lights in the left half)
  • a car that seems to be straying where there aren’t actually any roads (in the lower left side, starting at 00:20)
  1. one of innsbruck’s landmark mountains, south of the city []
  2. no, i did not make up these names! []


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