wachau and melk (byers visit, pt. 2)

collegiate church of st. petrus and paulus, western facade

when we had seen a little more than a glimpse of vienna, we drove west through a region called wachau (one of austria’s wine regions), and on to its landmark: stift melk, or melk abbey [G].
it was there, that my enthusiasm for creating panorama-images sort-of reached a highlight – which is why you’ll find lots of architectural panoramas in this album.

after the tour through the abbey, i introduced larry to fleischkas1 (cindy staid at a safe distance ;) ), and we headed on to linz, before driving to our accommodation for the night, at fuschl am see [G].

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  1. tyrolean for “leberkäse”, a type of meat loaf popular in germany and austria []

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