austria remains gmo-free

Austria, Hungary keep their GMO bans
EU environment ministers defeated a proposal on Monday that would have forced Austria and Hungary to lift their bans on growing certain genetically modified crops.

But there has been a bitter debate over genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, which are widely used in U.S. agricultural products. Most GMO products are banned in Europe, for fear that their seeds will accidentally spread and alter natural surroundings.
The EU Commission proposal was rejected by 22 of 27 member states on Monday, meaning the two nations can maintain their bans.
France and Greece also have imposed similar “safeguard” bans on the MON810 variety, citing studies that find it unsafe to the environment. Their bans also are facing scrutiny from the EU Commission.


without a doubt, genetically modified organisms have a great potential for medicine, agriculture etc..
in my view, there’s just a big difference between corporations making more money and enslaving farmers (such as monsanto and syngenta), and addressing the world’s most significant nutrition problems (such as vitamin A deficiency and golden rice).

partly related: GloFish was the first genetically modified animal to be available in pet stores (2002).

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