first kakapo chick in 2009 hatches, more to come

this is an exciting time for the kakapo recovery programme:

Kakapo population boosted by two, more chicks on the way
The Kakapo Recovery effort is one step closer to bringing the world’s kakapo population to 100 after the successful hatching of two kakapo chicks.
The latest additions bring the small but increasing population to 93, and lots more chicks are expected in the coming weeks.
As well as the 25 confirmed fertile eggs yet to hatch, there are another eight to be checked and seven more females are ready to nest.

“It will be awesome to bring the kakapo population to more than 100 and all signs are indicating that could very well happen. If this breeding season produces 30 to 40 chicks it will be a huge step in the recovery of this species,” Deidre Vercoe said.

a kakapo chick photo is available at

there’s also a new ranger’s diary entry by deidre mussen.

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