whale wars season two facing problems

those of you who watched season 1 of whale wars (operation migaloo) might find this interesting:

AFP raids Sea Shepherd vessel, seizes footage, ships log
The Australian Federal Police raided the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin, seizing video, photographs, audio recordings and the ship’s log, as it docked in Hobart late yesterday.
The ship was met dockside by a party of AFP officers who boarded the protest ship with a warrant as it docked.

Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson said that among the footage seized was video for the Animal Planet series Whale Wars, which he said showed some of the most dramatic whale-killing scenes ever seen.
“Japan does not wish to see the airing of the second season of Whale Wars and is putting as much diplomatic pressure on Australia as they possibly can to prevent further exposure of their illegal whaling operations in the Southern Ocean,” Capt Watson said.

source: thewest.com.au

first the japanese whaling fleet uses long-range acoustic weapons and high pressure water guns, and now they seem to try their best at damage limitation.

there is, however, a funny twist to the story:

“This is a very strange situation. A Dutch ship, captained by a Canadian, operating in a New Zealand dependency, an accusation from the Japanese and a warrant served in an Australian port. I don’t know how anyone will sort that out legally,” Capt Watson said.

source: themercury.com.au

update 2009-04-13: the latest news article at seashepherd.org states that: “The second season, which documented Operation Musashi, is set to air in the United States on June 5th at 9 PM on Animal Planet.”

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