one more chance to see?

it looks like there’s going to be an encore for the 1990 book by douglas adams:

Stephen Fry is here for a week filming the follow-up to the 1990 book and radio series Last Chance To See, featuring endangered animal species around the world.

The extremely rare native Kakapo – there are less than 100 of the big green flightless parrots left – has been top on the list of species for Fry to visit, but he’s also met weta, tuatara and… Peter Jackson.


the BBC television series of 6 episodes (scheduled for late 2009) will be concentrating on the progress of conservation efforts for some of the most endangered species in the world.
in the case of the kakapo, numbers have risen from less than 50 to 90 birds!
zoologist mark carwardine, who was on the original expeditions with douglas adams, is also on board again.

i strongly doubt that there will be a legal way to watch the series here in austria, though…

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