rest in peace, miriam makeba

at the age of 76, miriam makeba died earlier this week.

South African singer Makeba dies at 76
South African anti-apartheid singer Miriam Makeba has died aged 76 after being taken ill during a concert in Italy. Makeba, known to fans worldwide as “Mama Africa”, was an international symbol of the anti-apartheid struggle. (…)
Makeba left South Africa in 1959. She lived in exile for 31 years before having an emotional homecoming in Johannesburg in 1990.

source: press association, google news

she was without doubt one of the most important and impressive south african musicians, and died during a benefit concert in southern italy.
threre’s a beautiful obituary over at the economist.

i’ve got three youtube-links that i’d like to share in her memory:

nkosi sikelele with miriam makeba


pata pata, the song that made her famous (recording from 2007)


the click song

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  1. She is so cute in introducing the “click song”! I had a smile on my face the whole time watching that video clip; her energy is infectious.

    A beautiful obituary, indeed.

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