did it, #3

during my time in thailand, i was able to tick off several items on my virtual “i’ve always wanted to …”-list.

number three: i’ve always wanted to see a shark in its natural habitat.

blacktip reef shark (carcharhinus melanopterus)
blacktip reef shark (carcharhinus melanopterus) in koh tao, thailand

this was the first time i was able to observe a shark in the wild.
i was snorkelling near shark island (it was named for its appearance, not the occurrence of sharks) in the south of koh tao, thailand. i even caught its attention, and it circled around me a few times before heading into the distance.

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2 thoughts on “did it, #3

  1. you know, it´s not for the shape of the rocks (they don´t look like a shark). the name comes from all those sharks near it. damn it.

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