kakapo breeding in 2008, pt. 2

young kakapo chick, tv3 screenshot

great news for one of the most endangered bird species of the planet:

In the last two weeks, five kakapo chicks have hatched with another two due to arrive in the coming fortnight.

While seven may seem a meagre birth-rate, it’s big news for a bird that has battled back from the brink of extinction.

The births are the culmination of an extensive recovery programme launched by the Conservation Department, after research expeditions discovered that numbers had slumped to 51 kakapo in 1995.

Kakapo recovery team leader Emma Neill said “boosting the population from 86 to 91 is awesome especially considering these birds only breed every few years”.

source: five an ‘awesome’ boost to kakapo pop, stuff.co.nz

video clips:

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