check out my new …”shoes”:

vibram fivefingers at dune 45, sossusvlei, namibia

well, i’ve had them for some time now, but never got to blog about them…
they’re called vibram fivefingers, and they’re really cool to wear.

it’s like re-adding a previously lost sense to your consciousness – the sole is durable but relatively thin, so you feel the ground beneath you whenever you move: a cool hardwood floor, the anti-slide pattern of metal stairs, even a bunch of dry leaves on the ground…
just as well, you’re more aware of the ground temperature (it’s dampened, though, so i never felt very hot while standing on a hot ground).
basically, it feels just like walking barefoot.

requiring many more muscles in your feet (compared to normal shoes), you’re supposed to make a slow start, wearing them only 1 or 2 hours at a time in the beginning.

when i found out about them in august, i basically ran from one shop to another just to find out that they were all completely out of stock. only through an incredible act of customer service at sport spezial (a local store in innsbruck) was i able to get a pair, just two days before i took of for southern africa.

One thought on “barefooting

  1. I just got a pair of these as well. My friend runs in them I use them on the beach and just mellow outdoor use. Vibram Fivefingers
    Fun shoes. If you can call them a shoe.

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